How to Find the Best IT Talent in 2021


In our previous blog, we discussed the areas of IT & tech that are experiencing increased skill demand in 2021. To recap, five of the most sought-after professionals right now are: 

  1. IT support
  2. Software developers
  3. UI/UX
  4. Cloud specialists
  5. Cybersecurity. 

Now, the big question: How can you secure the best talent in these key areas for your business? Here, we explore some of the best recruitment practices that will help hiring managers and HR leaders find, secure and retain valuable skills in 2021.

  1. Go and find your candidates

Before you ramp up recruitment activity, it’s crucial to identify where your ideal talent ‘hangs out’. There’s no point in spending money on running an advert on LinkedIn to recruit a software developer if they don’t use the platform. Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey found Reddit, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook as the most used platforms for tech professionals. Additionally, open-source communities can be found on forums like Github and Stackoverflow, with Twitter also frequently used to share information and make connections.

Do some research on these platforms to find out the conversations that are happening and how you can start building relationships authentically. Using a combination of organic posting and paid advertising will go a long way in boosting your employer brand in the right places.

  1. Ask your team

It may sound obvious, but asking existing employees if they know any great IT & tech professionals can really pay off. They are already fully immersed in your company and its culture so know if someone will be a good fit. Additionally, referrals often result in a shorter time to hire and a higher retention rate compared to employing someone who has responded to a job advert. You don’t necessarily need to set-up a formal referral program with incentives - a simple conversation with your team can go a long way.

  1. Assess your criteria

Skills shortages coupled with increased competition means recruiting the particular credentials you need is set to get trickier in 2021. If you’ve historically struggled to hire certain roles, or you’re not getting enough applications to make an informed decision, it’s probably time to look at what you’re asking from candidates. It’s not about lowering your standards but rather asking if some attributes should shift from essential to preferred. 

For example, some employers demand over five years of experience, but what if there’s someone out there with two years of experience who would be great at the job? Your advert would prevent them from applying, which means you’ve missed out on talent that’s getting harder to come by. Get out of the habit of copying and pasting from or reusing old adverts and examine each line to see where any compromises can be made. 

  1. Invest in the right tools

Remote working is here to stay, especially for roles in IT & tech. While you more than likely already use secure digital tools that enable home-working, it’s important to remember the recruitment process too. Hiring remote workers means companies are no longer limited by geography when it comes to finding talent, but there needs to be an established online recruitment and assessment strategy. Coding platforms such as Codility and assessment providers like Criteria are particularly useful and can integrate with many existing recruitment systems and tools, ensuring you retain a streamlined process. 

  1. Talk to a specialist recruiter 

Like nufuture! In all seriousness, a recruitment partner specialising in IT & tech will already have an established talent pipeline and can help you ramp up your team precisely when you need to. 

A specialist recruiter will have invested the time and resources in getting to know your target talent regarding the communities they’re a part of, the language they speak and what they’re looking for from an employer. Such information can help shape your talent acquisition strategy and make sure you remain an employer of choice. If that wasn’t enough, a good recruiter would have invested in the latest tech tools to help find and assess talent (so you don’t have to). 

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