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One size doesn’t fit all.

When you want a new outfit, you never go for the first thing on the rack. You choose the style you want. You pick the colour you like. You make sure it fits. And you might get it adjusted to fit even better.

But all this choice and flexibility never seems to happen when you’re looking for a new hire. 

Until now, anyway. 

We work with everyone from small family companies to giant PLCs. And because your business is like no other, we’re happy to flex things to suit you.

Like splitting invoices to help your cash flow. Or offering a longer rebate period because we’re confident we’ll find the right people.

No barriers. No bull.  

We believe in candidate care and treat people like humans not numbers. We ensure that contact is kept throughout the process, whether we’re delivering good news or bad. This makes you look good too - nobody likes being left hanging.

And we do all this because we don’t care about being the biggest recruitment company. We care about all the little things that make your life so much easier

Meet our Founder, Johnny Perrotta

Johnny Perrotta Director

Back in 2011, I was like most people when they land their first job in recruitment – going to work every day with dollar signs in my eyes.

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