Job search

Your future, in the safest hands

When you’re looking for a new IT job, it’s mind-numbing when you keep getting put forward for roles that just aren’t suitable. As specialists in (cloud, data and agile delivery), that’ll never happen.

We know the market inside out, and we’re connected to many of the top companies, who work with us because they know we can lead them to people like you – so you’ll get access to some roles even before they’re advertised. 

And once we’re on the case for you, we promise to provide feedback at every stage, even if there’s no feedback to pass on. So you’re never left hanging. 

How it works

1. The hellos

We’ll set up a meeting to get to know you, find out where you are in your career, talk through your skills and experience, and learn a little about your life outside work.

 2. The dream

We’ll discuss the reasons you’re thinking of a change, where you’d ideally like to work, the salary you want, your career aspirations and your future life goals.

3. The job

When a job comes up that we think you’re a good fit for, we’ll talk you through the role and the skills you’ll need, plus training, development and progression opportunities on offer.

4. The process 

If you’re happy for us to represent you, we’ll send your CV over and schedule a date for interview. And we’ll keep you in the loop at all times, whether it’s good news or bad.